Our Mission

Green Rock Hemp Holdings, LLC is a professional, vertically integrated solutions provider to the industrial hemp community. Through meticulous management across all aspects of the supply chain—from cutting-edge genome and seed development, to the most advanced cultivation practices, and on through state-of-the-art extraction and refinement techniques—our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products and solutions and bring professional business practices to our emerging industry.

By successfully executing our articulated business strategies, our businesses capitalize on the full potential of our vertical structure and maximize returns for investors.

  • Improved genetics through selective breeding
  • Hemp Cultivation & Harvesting
  • Biomass Drying Services
  • Processing
  • Extraction & Refinement


Led by mature and successful business executives with extensive experience founding and managing companies across the globe, GRHH executes strategic business plans for each of our divisions that are focused on revenue, return, and expansion.

Robert Roche

Co-Founder and Chairman

Robert Roche is a dynamic entrepreneur, civic leader, and philanthropist. With more than three decades doing business and living in Asia and the U.S., he has founded, managed, and invested in successful companies around the world, including Oak Lawn Marketing, an omni-channel brand response company in Japan; Acorn International (NYSE:ATV), a leading media and branding company in China; and Cachet Hotels & Resorts, a socially responsible hospitality company that specializes in hotel and restaurant brand development, management, and franchising services. Read More >